Why Should You Consider Airport Transfer Services When You Visit Venice


If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Venice, you also have to think about the transportation options from the airport to the city.

When it comes to Venice airport transfers the fastest options are the land taxi and the water taxi. These are also the best options if you are travelling in a group, with your kids or with a lot of luggage.

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Water taxi

You can ask for a water taxi at the taxi desk in the arrivals area. Remember to settle on a price before you depart because these taxis do not have a meter. The price you will be given represents the distance until your hotel, plus the extras such as a large amount of luggage or a large group. You can also negotiate the price but make sure that the price you will get is for the trip and not per person.

If you do not want to negotiate the price you can go to the VeniceLink website and buy tickets for a private water taxi from the airport to the center of the city for €100 (one-way ticket) or €190 round-trip ticket. If you are not traveling with a group, you can also have the option to book only two seats or more in the water taxi and the company will fill with other people. This way you will save some money paying €30 per person or €60 round-trip.

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Regular taxi

You can also take a regular taxi if your destination is not on a watery location or the islands. The best thing when taking a taxi is that you can find them at any hour, no matter how late or how early your plane lands. The minimum charge from the airport during the weekdays is €12.45 and €15.34 on holidays, Sundays and at nights. You will be charged extra for each piece of baggage.

You should expect to pay around €50 from the Marco Polo Airport to the cruise terminal or the Piazzale Roma. It is worth taking a land taxi if you stay at a hotel on the mainland, near the Piazzale Roma or if you head directly to the Venice Cruise Terminal.

You can also book a private taxi in advance to make sure that you will have a car waiting for you when you land.