What Puri has to Teach You on a Weekend Trip


A reservoir of style and art, the temple town of Puri lets you redefine your understanding of what real beauty is. With its rich historic antiquities and its religious sanctuaries covered in architectural grandeur dating back to the third century BC, this coastal district in Orissa has a lot to offer.

On this weekend getaway, add the prominent presence of the beautiful seascape to the list of places to visit in Puri.The moderate climate welcomes all enthusiastic learners, travelling fun seekers and the pilgrims alike, to explore the unique blend of one’s sensory and spiritual pleasures.

Visit the ‘Lord of the Universe’ at his earthly abode

Puri is said to be one amongst the four sacred ‘Dhamas’ or the earthly abode of Lord Vishnu.The Jagannath temple is the most renowned temple of interest and people flock to this site to get a glimpse of the big, round-eyed idol that has stumps for arms. Walk around this thousand-year-old shrine, which continues to stand strong and is where the popular Chariot festival or RathYatra takes place every June.

puri 1

PuriJaganath Temple, Puri, Orissa by Wikipedia

If you happen to be here during the season, it is advisable to stay in a Puri hotel that is closer to the temple premises to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the celebration.Youwill be amazed to learn that the temple kitchen prepares food using the traditional methods of cooking and feeds the lakhs of devotees that stream in every day.

Sweet happiness at Ananda Bazaar

If you have a sweet tooth, you will jump with joy as you walk out of the eastern gate of Jagannath Temple and into the large market area lined with traditional sweet or bhoga stalls. Stop at the bazaar for lunch or dinner, or even take home the heavenly smelling khaja, made from ghee, sugar and maida. It is considered to be auspicious to savour the Mahaprasad and local treats of Puri in this 18th century established area.

puri 2

Bhoga Stalls, Puri, Orisssa, by Wikipedia

Let the Puri waves kiss your feet

It is quite refreshing to see the tourists, pilgrims, locals and fishermen enjoying their time on the sandy shores of the Puri Beach, around the corner of the Jagannath Temple. Despite its strong undercurrents, it is an ideal spot to sunbathe. Walk up to the kiosks lining the promenade to buy food and souvenirs. Legend has it that if you call out to the crashing waves, they will rush to touch your feet no matter how far off you stand on the beach. Give it a try and see if it is true.

Take home a pattachitra painting

Visit the heritage village of Raghurajpur, which is popular for the paintings done on cloth and dried palm leaves. Buy one of these pattachitras that depict stories from mythology and add beauty to the walls of your home.

puri 3

Raghurajpur, Puri, Orissa by NihalParashar

If you are wondering about how to reach Puri, you could travel on any of the Bhubaneswar to Puri flights and stop by to have an amazing weekend experience. This beautiful destination is blessed with cultural heritage and a breathless viewpoint from where the sunrise and the sunset can be experienced.

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