Transport of Bologna: TOP 3 popular routes from the airport


Bologna is a big city of Northern Italy, the capital of Emilia Romagna region. The place is also famous as the city of towers, universities and the best cookery specialists. There is one more popular and the most visiting place in Bologna – Airport of Bologna. Actually, there are many existing methods to get to any place of the city from the airport: to your hotel, health resort or suburbs. The main thing is defining the route and kind of transport you are going to deal with. Quality-price ratio is the key point of the situation.


History brief
The International Airport of Bologna was founded in 1931, about 7 kilometers far from the center of the city on the initiative of the local aeroclub. Bologna Airport provides services to more than 6 million passengers a year.
During the World War II the airport territory has been used like a military airfield. Obviously, the old infrastructure differs from the modern constructions. After the building was restored and expanded, the airport had got the status of the International Airport of Bologna.

Bus routes
Bologna is one of the most important transport hubs in Italy. You have an opportunity to get to any place that is situated on the Apennine Peninsula. From the early morning till late evening there are many bus routes of the local transport companies, connecting the airport and the Central Railway station (Bologna Stazione). The travel time is about 18-20 minutes. The ticket price is about 6 EUR.
There is one more important bus route, operating in a loop of Bologna Airport – Villago Speranza suburbs. The route number is 54. Time-distance route is 6:00 a.m. – 8:20 p.m. The ticket price is about 1.30 EUR.

There are many intercity bus routes, operating from the Airport to:
Ascoli Piceno (1 time a day, time-distance – 4 hours, the ticket price is about 32 EUR);
Cervia (4 times a day, time-distance – 2 hours, the ticket price is seasonal);
Ferrara (8 times a day, time-distance – 1 hour, the ticket price is about 15 EUR);
Florence (10 times a day, time-distance – 1 hour 20 minutes, the ticket price is about 20 EUR);
Modena (6 times a day, time-distance – 50 minutes, the ticket price is about 15 EUR).


Taxi from the airport
There is always an opportunity to gain your destination by taxi. It is not difficult to catch the car just at the terminal. Frankly speaking, this is not the best decision, especially, if you are planning the long-distance travel. Italian government always militates against the taxi drivers’ unfair policy. Usually, they are not mind to make the tourists overpaying. This is not a usual thing for Bologna now, but there are so many chances.
The dialogue with the taxi-drivers can be complicated by the foul ratification. Thus, the passenger fare is too high in the day time. At night the official price becomes 25% higher. You should know that you have to pay for your luggage pieces. Having the unstandard request, it automatically makes the price 10-20% higher. Calling for taxi service just from the airport makes the price 2-3EUR higher.

To avoid overpaying and all undesirable effects it is better to order the taxi service online beforehand. In this case, the car will wait for you just on the way out of the luggage zone, holding the name badge. The flight delay is not a problem! Dealing with the taxi service online, taxi drivers are obliged to watch the flight arrival on their own, waiting for their passengers at the time and place fixed. The price is not high in this case.


Rental car services
There is one more possible variant to gain your destination in Bologna – hiring a car. The airport is not a main provider of all rental services in Italy. Nevertheless, it is full of different European and Italian rental car services, offering their transport for your needs. To get the car in the airport is more comfortable than overpaying for taxi. Planning a long-time trip, or travelling with the whole family, you, definitely need a car.
The cars range in the airport is really wide and different, just like the available prices for them. Besides, the variation of prices in different services for the same car can be impressive. Do not forget to examine carefully the car body, vehicle glasses and wheels with a view to defects. If you have found the defects, they need to be noticed in the car documents. Traditionally, the final calculation in Italy takes place, when you turn the car back. You can pay for the service with your credit card.

Enterprising tourists try to avoid overpaying with the help of the special online services for price scanning. Due to the fixed base of all available rental services, their hot offers and price policy, the system finds the best variant for you, depending on the client’s needs and demands. So, to find the optimal combination of the price-quality is a matter of a few minutes without wasting your time.
There is also a seasonable factor, making influence over the car prices. Planning your trip during the April – October season, and on Christmas holiday, do not think long: the best variants usually dissolve in the air. Moreover, there is always an opportunity to cancel or change the booking car any time you need before the departure period for free.

To hire a car in Bologna is the best decision, especially, if you prefer not to be depended from the ever-late public transport, overcrowded subway and intercity trains. Due to the competent rental car services, you can reach the point you like with the absolute comfort. Do you want to get to your hotel? – This is not a problem in Bologna! Choose the variant you like!
There are many hotels in Bologna. Which of them do you prefer? – You may book the elite apartments in the historical part of the city or something more budget, like hostels. You can choose the hotel you like easily, as far as you can choose your transport. There is one thing to keep in mind: if the date of your trip comes out of the holidays, there is a sense to book a car and a hotel beforehand.

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