Top Places To Visit While in NYC


New York City is arguably one of the most intriguing places in the world. From art, culture and luxury living to wonderful architecture and a great skyline, it is the perfect example of a modern city. They say if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. This statement, perhaps made more popular by entertainers from the city, only add to arouse curiosity as to what it really has to offer. Apart from the vibrant culture and great energy exhibited by New-Yorkers, the city has so many interesting places to visit and things to see.

The Statue of Liberty

It would be amazing to see this iconic monument in real life. It symbolizes freedom and has been in existence since the year 1886. Situated in New York harbor, this gift from the nation of France should provide a wonderful view for tourists and maybe a trip in history.

Empire State Building

It is one of the most recognized buildings in the United states and even the world over. You can’t visit New York City without passing by the Empire State Building to gaze at the collusion of forward architecture and unique art decor.

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Times Square

Take care so that you don’t get blinded by the bright lights. Times square is located in Manhattan, the most populated borough of New York City, at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Broadway. It has often been fondly referred to as the Crossroads of the world and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s also an ideal place to create lasting memories by taking photos that capture the spirit of New York.

Central Park

It’s usually viewed as the city’s playground because of it’s size and nature. Central Park is situated at the heart of Manhattan and provides an aptly different atmosphere from the normal bustle of the city. You can take relaxing walks or just sit back and enjoy it’s wonderful atmosphere. The park covers approximately 843 acres which means that if you are the adventurous type, using a bike would actually be the best way to explore it. You can get one from a local Central Park bicycle rentaly at a reasonable fee and have the time of your life going through the park.

Theater District

You will never find a theater like Broadway anywhere else in the world. It has hosted some of the most famous and best actors in history. Your trip to New York City wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this famed theater.

American Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs may have existed millions of years ago but you can still have a picture of what they looked like. The American Museum of Natural History exhibits fossils of these large creatures. You can also stimulate your mind by having a look at the theory of evolution and have fun by visiting both IMAX and Planetarium space show.

Yankee Stadium

Even if you are not a baseball fan, Yankee Stadium is definitely a place to visit. The majestic stadium has so much history and you can also get to experience the wonderful atmosphere that engulfs it during a game.
Other places to visit and see in New York City include: Madison Square Garden which is an entertainment powerhouse, Brooklyn Bridge and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.