Tohpati Village – A Heaven of Bali Batik


Bali isle basically has all the things for everybody. So, if you are planning to go on a Bali trip, you can be definitely sure that you will find numerous of activities that will surely attract you and let you have a lot of pleasure. An amazing and best way for vacationer to enjoy the Island of Bali and surrounding is by joining sightseeing tour package program.

Visiting various attraction destinations of Ubud area in Bali is one of the most recommended trip  for every tourists who come and see the wonderful paradise island. Driving out of busy Denpasar city, the pleasing green of rice paddies unlikeness sharply with the noisy sounds of the city. Most every village on the way up to Ubud specializes in some kind of art form.

If Tohpati village is one of the list attractions that you will visit in Bali, you have to scrutinize the information below. There are many things related with this village that makes many people curious. Tohpati is only a small village; nevertheless there are many special things inside it that you may not find in another village in Bali.


Moreover in this modern era, almost all of village in Bali is influenced by modern culture. Many foreign tourists also may be possible influence the culture in some villages in Bali. However, this will be different with Tohpati village that still maintains the traditional cultures as heritages of their ancestors.

Tohpati village is known as a village that has many collections of batik; both are still in the form of fabric or clothing. Residents in this village are known a people which have skills in batik. They are well aware that batik is a heritage which has high-value and deserve to be preserved. Not wrong when the residents in this village are always properly preserve batik.

The village even now becomes a center of the village of “Malaikat” batik Bali with a very complete collection. The thing that is increasingly attracting visitor’s views is the activities undertaken by the batik makers.

Many people who come to Tohpati village are people who want to know more about how do the communities in this village make batik. In addition, many of those who are interested to see the collection of batik fabrics also can see the collection in many rooms that are arranged well. Batik uniqueness of this village, making the village Tohpati  as one of the sights in some Bali tour package program.

The quality of batik products those are offered also very diverse ranging from best quality to the standard quality standards. Various style of clothing can also be found here. In addition, a wide variety of craft products such as batik painting, accessories also you can find here.

Talking about batik, you must be curious with the price. Batik always has high value. Many people are interested in this product. In Bali, especially in Tohpati village, the price of batik usually offered by expensive enough price. However, this is only natural remaining the process of making this product is quiet difficult.

Besides that, almost the batik product offered also has high quality. It is most appropriate when the product is sold at a price that is quite expensive. However, you can bargain the price of product or asking about the sale to get the cheaper price.