Things To Know When Planning A Romantic Evening in The Cayman Islands.


The Cayman Islands are among the world’s most popular vacation and honeymoon destinations and for good reason. With their swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, and turquoise waters, these islands offer the ideal setting for a romantic tropical getaway. Of course, we’ve all heard of the postcard-worthy Seven Mile Beach (and it’s certainly worth a visit), but Grand Cayman also boasts amazing restaurants, luxurious hotels, great shopping and fantastic watersports. It’s a quick flight from major U.S. airports such as Miami, Houston and Atlanta.


One of the greatest things about visiting Grand Cayman is while your day may seem jam-packed on paper, everything here moves at a rather leisurely pace. Grand Cayman has a reputation for some of the best food in the Caribbean. From roadside BBQ to beachfront fish shacks to international superstar chefs, the island has you covered. Some newcomers have emerged and some old favorites have solidified their place in the pantheon.

Whether you have just tied the knot or celebrating many years of marriage, there’s plenty of romance to experience on Grand Cayman. When in the Cayman Islands on a romantic getaway remember to start late. Head down for a coffee and plan your day. You both can sit back in comfy chairs and enjoy a delicious coffee or latte with a muffin. Enjoy free wi-fi and catch up on any news with friends or family back home. There’s no need to hit the ground running.

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In Cayman, there are activities for everyone – kids or adults. There are adventure activities as well as romantic getaways that you can opt for. There is a list of activities that you can do in the day ranging from visiting the starfish point, taking a tour of the rum factory, diving to meet the marine life or just be on the beach and enjoy a relaxed day. Any activity will be enjoyable as far as you have your partner next to you. So don’t forget to take your partner along for any activity that you opt for. If you are an adventurous couple, there are a lot of options for different water sports which you can pick from.

After a busy and tiring day, you and your partner can unwind under the moonlight with a  candlelit dinner while enjoying the sounds of the ocean water. Whether you would want to sit with your partner and talk about the day’s activities. Or maybe you just want to sit and listen to what your partner has to say. Any which way, if you are in the Cayman Islands, make sure and plan a romantic getaway for the evening which can help you both unwind and relax after a happening day.

Most Cayman restaurants and particularly Grand Cayman restaurants are astonishing on so many levels that they reside in a league all on their own. Very few destinations can compete with Cayman restaurants supreme and outstanding combination of breathtaking ambiance, diverse gourmet and unique local dining cuisine with consistently friendly and professional service.

While every major city has its share of excellent restaurants, not many can deliver a refreshing tropical climate; breathtaking ocean views; abundant locally caught seafood; warm family-like hospitality and award winning chefs from over 20 regions. Cayman restaurants uniquely capture a tremendously diverse mixture of consistently spectacular atmosphere and diverse award winning cuisine; all with rich blends of culture and warm hospitality.

Selecting from a long list of Cayman restaurants with the average visit lasting a mere week or two can prove a painstaking task, and choosing a Cayman restaurant that does not match your precise preferences can be both costly and disappointing. Using an extensive checklist, Activity Guide strives to eliminate the guesswork to ensure that all of your Cayman restaurant experiences provide your most cherished memories.

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Think about your dining preferences for the evening and then go ahead and match a restaurant that matches your preference. A waterfront restaurant with a great set up is sure to provide you with the best experience if you are planning for a quiet dinner with your partner. You can have a conversation with your partner whilst still basking in the Cayman experience.

To put it in simple words, do not go to the best seafood restaurant in the Cayman Islands and order steak and potatoes. It sure will disappoint you. That might sound a little odd but it might happen as you would find it difficult either to decide from an extensive menu, or you are not willing to try something different. So in order to make your experience excellent I would advise you to learn as much a possible about Cayman restaurants and in particular waterfront restaurants. After all you don’t want to be disappointed on such a special romantic evening with your partner.

So there you go: A list of things to know before planning a romantic couple’s evening on Grand Cayman. It only takes one very special evening with one very special person to create memories that will last a lifetime!