The Perfect Place to Rest and Take Life at a Slower Pace


You have been wanting to get away from everything alone or just with your family. Well, the spot for you is the Island of Krk, Croatia. This island is also known as:

  • Insula Aurea
  • Golden Island
  • Veglia

The name of Golden Islandwas the first name used in earliest times due to the island’s wealth of produce from sea as well as land.


The island is located in the Bay of Kvarner. Krk is the largest island in the Adriatic and has an area of 409.9 square kilometers. Its highest peakOzona -stands about 569 meters high.

island krk

More information

Currently the island of Krk has 68 settlements. The mild climate of the Mediterranean has average summer temperatures of 23 C with the sea water temperature around 25 C.


The Island of Krkalso has 2 lakes:

  • Ponikve
  • Jezero

Near Lake Ponikve it is almost 10 C colder than at any other spot on the island. The island also has 7 administrative centers, to help you with almost anything a tourist would need. They are at:

  • Kik Town – so called capital of island
  • Malinska – tourist town
  • Omisali – first town after crossing to the island
  • Punat – famous boat marina
  • Baska – long beaches well known in this region
  • Vrbnik – famous for various wine productions
  • Dobrini – historical settlement

Fun in the Sun

There are also 3 rather large beaches around the island that are perfect for families to enjoy their time in the sun. These include:

  • Bask Beach a pebble beach in northwest corner of Krk island;
  • Silo Beach which is the only beach that is sandy – Northeast part of island;
  • Krk Beach which most people consider the main beach – also pebble.

Other Attractions

There are also other attractions around the island that are perfect for exploring alone or with the entire family:

  • Biking
  • Diving
  • Eat

Biseruika Cave

Located on the island 300 meters north-west of the village of Rudine is this easy to find cave. You only need to follow the signs along the road. This cave is adjusted for tourists and offers a wealth of cave decorations.

  • Stalagmites
  • Calcareous sinters
  • Stalactites

Speleological classification of this cave is that it is a simple cave with the mouth leading in a sloping cave channel. Underground areas include:

  • Mouth
  • Shaft
  • Balcony
  • Great Hall
  • Northern Channel
  • Cypress Hall
  • Arched Hall

Although a small and simple cave for those who have never explored or even been in a cave this can be a real adventure.

There are many other places to explore with families but this is also a very great tourist find as a place to rest and take life at a slow pace.