The Pacific Coast route


With such a big country, there are many different routes for a self-driving holiday in Australia. The company that specialises in camping vehicles will be able to suggest popular routes and sights to see along the way. One of the most popular is the Sydney to Brisbane route, which allows you to experience the eastern seaboard and take in the many interesting places along the way.

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The right vehicle

The first step in planning your trip is to find a reputable camper van rental company, who will be provide the perfect vehicle, as well as the support and extras you need to make your holiday self-sufficient. Here is a suggested itinerary for a 7-day tour of the Pacific coast from Sydney to Brisbane.

Day one: Sydney to Lake Macquarie (130kms)

Head north and the first place of interest is Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, one of New South Wales most popular National Parks. Then it is onto Somersby, on the Pacific Highway, to visit the Australian Reptile Zoo. Further north is the quaint coastal town called The Entrance, where flocks of pelicans are fed daily in the afternoon.Then on to Lake Macquarie, which is Australia’s largest saltwater lake, which is approximately four times the size of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney to Lake Macquarie

Day two: Lake Macquarie to Nelson Bay (100kms)

First stop should be the coastal town of Newcastle, which is Australia’s second oldest city. Explore the harbor front market, and there is five-kilometer coastal walk that includes the famous Mereweather and Blacksmiths beaches. Nelson Bay is the perfect place for water activities where you can snorkel or scuba dive in the clear seas. Fishing is also on the menu, and this is the departure point for dolphin watching cruises.

Day three: Nelson Bay to Port Macquarie (260kms)

Port Macquarie was a penal settlement in the early 19th century, and the Port Macquarie Museum was built by convicts. You can take a camel ride along the beach for a stunning vista of the shoreline.

Bay to Port Macquarie

Day four: Port Macquarie to Coff’sHarbour (162kms)

Don’t forget to visit the Koala Hospital in Macquarie Nature Reserve, which rescues more than 200 koalas per year. Coff’s Harbour is one of New South Wales largest cities, and is the biggest supplier of bananas in the country.

Day five: Coff’sHarbour to Evan’s Head (183kms)

Twenty minutes north of Coff’sHarbour is the quaint little town of Woolgoolga, where you can sample a traditional Australian hamburger. After a scenic drive through the sub-tropical forest, you will arrive at Evan’s Head, which is famous for its fantastic beaches where you can surf or fish. Check out Razorback Lookout, where you can see Cape Byron Lighthouse on a clear day.

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Day six: Evan’s Head to Byron Bay (85kms)

Stop at Lennox Head and immerse yourself in the water at Kitten Falls and then it is on to Byron Bay.

Day seven: Byron Bay to Brisbane (165kms)

The town of Nimbin is famous for its Aquarius Festival in the 1970’s, with its colourful murals. Then there are the border towns of Tweed and Coolangata, where you can bask on the golden beaches before the final journey to Brisbane.

Byron Bay to Brisbane