Steve Farzam speaks about the changes occurring in the hospitality industry


If you are not one of those involved in the hospitality industry, then you for sure wouldn’t know that this is one industry which has been undergoing a lot of changes. These changes are helping the hotels to get successful but the normal consumer is not aware of these changes in the back end.

Taking about the developments in the hospitality industry, Steve Farzam mentioned that the most visible of them is the way the guests at these hotels are treated.  There was a whole lot of emphasis on this and this has indeed worked for the luxury hotel sector. With the rise in the luxury hotels, guests now expect more than average. The hotels now know this and thus are doing everything to keep their guests happy.

Steve Farzam

Steve Farzam Shore Hotel Bio has also mentioned that every hotel now days has to compete with each other and thus every hotel is taking its own steps to keep their guests happy. There are also a number of hotels which are offering their guests with amazing complimentary and some of them also include expensive outdoor trips too.

The other changing aspect for the hotel industry is the increasing online presence, which has helped them get more and more bookings from online. A number of websites are also going ahead and providing good discounts and thus guests are able to stay in some of the hotels at the fraction of the costs.

Another changing aspect is how the hotel staffs are trained. More emphasis is provided on various trainings for the hotel staffs as the owners now know the importance of customer service and hospitality.

So, with changing times everything in the hotel industry is changing for better. With more eco friendly hotels coming up, the hotel industry is not far behind in contribution for the safeguard of environment.