Some Adventurous Activities Travel Tips


When we talk about adventure travel the destination must be as adventurous as the activities proposed. In the end many of us can scuba dive, sky dive or bungee jump at locations either local to us or comparatively close by. Thus, once you add adventurous destinations to your exciting activities you have developed the ultimate adventure experience.

Just bear in mind that numerous of these activities are kept out from your standard travel insurance thus a special adventure activities travel insurance policy might be required to provide for necessary securities. Mentioned below are a few suggestions for some of the leading traveling destinations that comprise off adventure activities.

Scuba Diving in Myanmar

For the last half century this Southeast Asian nation has been closed to outsiders. Now, as it starts to bring in you still have a chance to visit this land with its varied cultures before the Shopping Malls, McDonalds and traffic choked freeways arrive.

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The Mergui Archipelago remains comparatively untouched by present-day society and scuba dive here will allow you to watch pristine coral reefs and glorious sea life besides the cultural wonders of Myanmar prior the present-day world arrives in full force.

Bungee Jumping off Victoria Bridge Fall, Zambia

At 111 meters on top of the Zambezi River the Victoria Falls Bridge is considered as one of the splendid bungee jumping platforms around the world. When your heart stays back in your chest, give a try to jet boat or walking safari up to the base of the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Don’t forget to check with your travel insurance company regarding the adventure activities you plan on doing when in african safaris to make certain that your adventure activities travel insurance covers you adequately.

Kite boarding in Fujian, China

While comparatively new to China, the Kite Boarding sport has been adopted by the folks of Fujian city in a great way. If you are new to the sport, guideline is available. Other wonderful adventures in China involve mountain trekking in Tibet’s sovereign region, even though proponents of ethical tourism may desire to consider where they stand on to this point.

Hot Air Ballooning, Kenya

So Kenya isn’t the big adventure once it was; it’s still somewhat adventurous. The excitement levels for this tour can be kicked up a notch by a hot air balloon ride. Bump up the excitement even more and plan to go all through the great migration in the desiccated season where millions of African migratory creatures start the move towards water. Consult with a destination expert to arrange for this experience. Wish more adventure? Give a try to guided camping safari in the bush.

Swimming With Sharks in Cape Town, South Africa

While not that exotic a tour your initial face to face meeting with a 7 meter big white shark is obliged to get your excitement going.

Sky Diving in Guam

Jump from a light airplane high above the Micronesian Island, Guam. Just make certain you are completely secured through getting adventure activities travel insurance!