Sidekick- Best app for road safety


Let me introduce you to the world where there are no road accidents and there is safety all around, this is the world of Sidekick. Sidekick is an app which provides help regarding road safety. Get sidekick installed in your smart phones and go on the road without any fear or tension. This app will help you to reach your destination safely. It will be with you throughout the way to guide you how to drive safely and what measures to be taken while driving on road. You need not to look all the time at your phone. Just keep it near you and Sidekick app will automatically start working when you get out of your house and it will automatically turn off when you reach your destination. The voice technique of the app will tell you about safety measures.


Features of Sidekick app

Sidekick app contains all the features which you require while going outside. It provides empowerment to you while you are driving without distracting you. It shows the correct weather reports. Sidekick has an ultra vision feature which can tell about the nearby upcoming places. It has a feature which provides you notification while driving about the traffic and speed limit within every 10 minutes. Sidekick allows one driver to the other driver conversation. In this way, you can ask sidekick about any nearby driver if you require so it will notify you regarding this. Sidekick uses different sources to gather data and these sources are mobile GPS, Google maps, accelerometer, OBD dongles, Bing maps, Gyroscope etc. Sidekick automatically goes on power saving mode when you finish driving. It will automatically call your emergency number in case of any trouble as it has the feature to detect your heart rate, deployment of airbag, etc. This is the best app for road safety. If everyone opts for the sidekick app, the number of accidents on roads will surely decrease.  For More Information, Please Visit :