Outdoor Traveler offers some of the best adventure holidays in the US


Adventure and outdoor vacations are the rage! A large number of outdoor enthusiasts, typically younger people prefer these types of vacations over the standard family vacations. There are many things that one can look forward to in an adventure vacation, apart from the vast natural beauty and a chance to live in the wilderness such as sports activities, hiking, biking, trailing, swimming and much more. An outdoor vacation may also include sightseeing, where one gets to explore wildlife and natural beauty, such as in natural parks and it may also include trips and excursions to places of significance, including historical locations. Given so much that an outdoor vacation has to offer, it is certainly no wonder that this form of tourism is rapidly gaining popularity not just in the US, but also all over the world.


The US is full of outdoor enthusiasts and in order to cater to this growing class of travellers, many outdoor vacation service providers have sprung up in the recent past and many more are coming up every now and then. While there certainly is some amount of competition in this tourism sector, one company by far leads the pack – Outdoor Traveller. Founded over 15 years ago by way of a partnership between renowned vacation companies Bluegreen Vacations and Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor Traveler has certainly established itself as a leading provider of outdoor vacations to people based in the US. While both Bass Pro Shops and Bluegreen Vacations offer holidays outside of the US, Outdoor Traveler is yet to expand to regions beyond the US.

Currently, Outdoor Traveler provides adventure and outdoor vacations across several states in the US, including Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Georgia among some others. As part of vacation packages, the company offers excellent outdoor and adventure activities to customers, while arranging for their accommodation in elegant and high quality resorts. Most of the resorts are managed either by Bluegreen Vacations or Bass Pro Shops, although some resorts are independently managed by Outdoor Traveler itself. The company has established a reputation of offering fine holiday packages, complete with the best in accommodation and the number of locations that it has added to its catalog has grown significantly over time. It is also expected that Outdoor traveler will, in the near future, expand to other regions of continental US to include adventure vacations in the Caribbean, Canada and Hawaii.

Given the very nature of the tourism industry, vacation service providers need to ensure that they offer as much information beforehand to customers, so as to allow them to see for themselves what to expect from a vacation and Outdoor Traveler excels at this. Most information related to the adventure holidays offered by this company is well laid out on the company website and also through several affiliate websites. Furthermore, the company promotes itself though several blogs and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and also actively adds content on its YouTube channel. This way, anyone who wants an adventure vacation can first take a look at what the company has to offer, before deciding on booking a vacation.

As with other service providers in the tourism industry, Outdoor Traveler also offers special discounts and promotional offers to recurring customers and to those who sign up for the company’s newsletter. Customers of Bass Pro Shops and Bluegreen Vacations can also use their gift cards to obtain special discounts on holidays offered by Outdoor Traveler. While holidays are offered by this company at reasonable rates, the use of promotional offers and gift cards make its adventure holidays and outdoor vacations even more appealing.

Outdoor Traveler boasts of having offered quality adventure holidays to thousands of customers over many years now and its popularity is only on the rise. With more and more locations being added to its catalog, the company does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Thousands of people regularly follow Outdoor Traveler’s YouTube feed and many are also subscribers to the company’s Facebook and Twitter handles. The company has always been active in posting new content on social media sites and in this way, it has managed to garner a quite large audience.

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The US is certainly full of vacation service providers, but a very few match the popularity of Outdoor Traveler. Offering some of the best adventure holidays across several notable outdoor destinations in the US, this vacation service provider has made a name for itself not just in offering great adventure vacations, but also by backing up vacations with well managed and elegant resorts for customers to stay in. This venture between Bluegreen Vacations and Bass Pro Shops has certainly done very well and a large number of people await the expansion of Outdoor Traveler outside the US.