Maple syrup grades


With the rising popularity that maple syrup is getting these days, it becomes slightly difficult to choose one among several grades.  The starch of the maple syrup is converted into sugar which results in sap. This conversion takes place between spring and winter seasons. This sap is then boiled to specific temperatures to turn it into syrup. No wonder, why Maple syrup Direct is so expensive.

You might get confused with pure maple syrup with pancake syrup. The breakfast syrups are different from that of Maple syrup Direct. Canada is said to produce more than 80% of world’s maple syrup and it has it’s own classification. In United States, Maple syrup Direct  is classified as Grade A and Grade B.

mapple syrup 6

Grade A:

It is of premium quality and is meant for eating. It is classified into:

Light Amber

Medium Amber

Dark Amber.

Grade B:

It is slightly darker in color and is meant for baking and cooking.

The Vermont State is said to produce 5 % of world’s maple production. It also classifies maple syrup into several categories, but it has higher product density. There are several standards which must be met before labelling the product as maple syrup. The food inspector checks the quality of the product, and, if found guilty, would be punished.

Hope this article has been informative. There are several classifications of maple syrup based on the production country. You can have a check on the products depending upon your usage. The grades doesn’t mean that the product is inferior, but all it means is that there are several flavors to it depending upon the requirement. Do have a check on the ingredients before making a purchase. There are staff members to guide you in choosing the best maple syrup.