Know The Maple Syrup And Its Uses


The Maple syrup is a syrup, which is normally made from Xylem sap of the red maple, sugar maple and the black maple trees. Also, they are made from the other maple species. At the cold climate, these maple trees store the starch in its roots and trunks before the winter season. This starch is converted into the sugar that are rising in sap at the early spring and the late winter.

The maple trees are tapped by the drilling holes to the trunks to collect the exuded sap. It is processed by the process of heating the sap to evaporate the water to get the concentrated syrup. The grade of the maple syrup can be measured by the Vermont, United states or Canada scales, based on the translucency and the density of the syrup.

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Have it with your food

The maple syrup has been eaten wit the waffles, oatmeal, breads, ice cream, fresh fruit, pancakes and the porridge. It is also used as a flavoring agent and the baking ingredient. It also acts an a sweetener for baked beans, applesauce, pies, cakes, winter squash and more.

It is the unique syrup that are silky and smooth textured with the distinctive and smooth flavor. In Canada, you can see the maple syrup in more than ninety flavors, such as fruity, spicy, floral, milky, herbaceous and more. You can buy the maple syrup direct from the stores.

Grades of maple syrup

In the United States of America, the maple syrup can be scaled by the different grading systems In different places like, Vermont, Canada and United States. Normally, the maple syrup has been divided into 2 major grades, such as grade A and grade B.

The Grade A has further divided into the sub-grades, such as Light Amber, Medium Amber and the Dark Amber.  The Grade B maple syrup is darker than the Grade A Dark Amber. In Vermont and Canada also uses the same grading system. But In, Canada, they named the four grades as A,B,C and D.