How to get your hands on organic maple sugar?


Maple sugar is produced from the sugar maple tree. There are different types of maple trees from which the sugar can be extracted. Out of the maple trees, sugar maple, black maple, and red maple are the ones which are most commonly used for the extraction of the sap. The reason being the high sugar content found in the sap of these trees. The flavor imparted to the maple sugar is different for different maple trees. The red maple buds faster when compared to sugar maple and black maple. This affects the taste of the maple sugar.

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The sugary sap from the maple trees is extracted and it is boiled so that the water content in the sap is evaporated and the sap thickens into a syrupy state. When the sap is boiled beyond this stage, it further thicken and has a molten candy or taffy-like appearance. On boiling this further, the maple sap further evaporates and starts to crystallize. This crystallized product is sold as maple sugar. Maple sugar is being used as a subsite for cane sugar. It is largely made up of sucrose and has very small quantities of glucose and fructose in it. The sugar crystals which are produced are further pressed into a solid shape before being sold. The production process is a tad bit difficult as the temperatures maintained can burn the sugar easily.

Where can you get it from?

Maple sugar is considered to be a healthier alternative to cane sugar by many nutritionists. During winters, it is a common practice in New England for people to engage in producing maple sugar. The key to the best maple sugar is using the best maple syrup. Vermont produces the best maple syrup. New Hampshire follows close behind in producing the best quality of maple syrup. Maple Syrup World offers to ship maple sugar worldwide for a fixed price. The sugar can be bought as a loaf, as nuggets or in the powdered form as well. There are others like Maple Syrup Direct based in Quebec who ship the maple sugar to all parts of the world.