Fun With the Seals at Duiker Island – South Africa


Threading the Atlantic waters to visit an island loaded with momentous seals is the thing that a pontoon journey to Duiker Island is about! This watercraft experience is certainly one of the top things to do while going to adorable Cape Town, South Africa.

Touring sanction water crafts regularly gather travelers from the little angling town of Hout Bay Harbor and conveys them to the renowned island. Yet, before you set sail to meet the seals from Hout Bay, take an ideal opportunity to respect the picturesque harbor sees that incorporates the Sentinel – the properly named steep side bluff that demonstrations like a guardian to the sound. In spite of the fact that it is called an island, Duiker is all the more precisely depicted as a little bunch of rocks that scarcely ascends from the ocean water. This spot has been the home of an unfathomable number of Cape hide seals. Hence, it is not a shock that Duiker is generally alluded to as the Seal Island.

When you achieve the shores of the island, you will be welcomed by seeing more than 10,000 seals. However, recollect that the vessel ride is not as smooth as cruising into the quiet lake. The waters around the zone as often as possible produce rough waves. In the event that you can overcome ocean ailment, then it guarantees to be an enterprise that is difficult to overlook. Creature Ocean and Drumbeat Charters are only a portion of the built up organizations that offer guided watercraft visits to Duiker Island.

A few organizations will have open water crafts, which suit around 60 travelers, while others have the greater leader vessels that hold around 120 travelers. It just takes around 20 minutes to achieve the island from Hour Bay Harbor however the travels can take over 60 minutes. Longer travels for the most part do a reversal to Hout Bay Harbor by means of the Kabonkelberg mountain range or the Chapman’s Peak, which is home to a gathering of interesting hollows and bluffs.

When you get to Duiker Island, you don’t need to appreciate the a huge number of seals just from separation, despite the fact that it is an unbelievable sight and worth taking a few photographs. Various visits likewise give travelers the chance to snorkel and swim with the seals. In the event that you are a qualified jumper in untamed waters, you can likewise organize to plunge and find Duiker’s rich submerged world! Make a point to check if your aide can give all of you the essential rigging. The Atlantic waters can be frosty, so ask for thick neoprene wetsuits to keep your body warm. A few suppliers additionally lease GoPro cameras so you can take recordings and photos of your time with the energetic seals in their own wild natural surroundings.

The Breeding period for Cape Fur seals happens around November/December yet Duiker Island is not a rearing province on account of the unpleasant waters. Outings to Duiker Island are generally planned from September to April as this is the ideal opportunity for the most good climate conditions. By and by, observe that treks can be deferred, delayed or wiped out contingent upon day by day climate conditions. Be that as it may, on a pleasant sunny day, you are ensured to make the most of your excursion to the radiant Seal Island!