Fascinating Stops on an Australian Cruise



Australia is one of the world’s top cruise destinations. It is surrounded with two oceans and dozens of hot seas, with natural sights such are Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania’s Peppermint Bay. Australia is also the country with several big and dynamic metropolises, each of them offering perfect blend of modern and old colonial architecture. In this article we will explore some of the most popular cruise stops around Australia’s coast.


Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and therefore it is a place where almost all cruises stop. Most people already know about Bondi Beach, famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but they don’t know about many great bars hidden in the Rocks district or great tours to Blue Mountains, which have been adventure seeker’s favorites for some time now. Sydney is the perfect place to inspect multi-cultural Australia and try food and listen to the music from all around the world.



Second biggest city in Australia is a place for people who enjoy vibrant streets and crazy nightlife. Most of it spins around The Docks, completely new neighborhood with plenty of malls, cafes, restaurants and bars visited by both families and party crowd. Place you shouldn’t miss in this metropolis is Immigration Museum. This place will move your soul with heart-breaking stories and artifacts from people who moved to this city from all around the world. One of the best known nature sights in the city is Yarra River, with great opportunities for long strolls and BBQ parties.


Hobart is not as big as some of metropolis on Australian mainland, but the fact that it is a capital of one of the world’s most mystical islands makes it very a popular destination among cruise tourists. City is close to Mount Wellington, which offers many good hiking paths, and great views on the city and the ocean from its summit. Tourists also like to visit Caldbury Chocolate factory, Cascade Brewery and stroll around Sallamanca precinct, before hopping on a cruise to nearby Peppermint Bay, a unique place where tourists can mingle with the fishes (not in a Godfather way) and other maritime creatures. Several companies offer cruising in glass bottom yachts.


Other than perfect mix of modern and old colonial architecture (King George Square, Old Government House and Parliament House), Brisbane has lots of interesting sights for both adventure and laid back travelers. Like London, Brisbane has a huge 60 meter wheel, which can be used for observing city from above and enjoying lovely ocean breeze. Tourists also like to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary that features 130 koalas and it is the biggest koala sanctuary in the world.

Willis Island

This is the only inhabited island in Coral Sea Islands territory. It has a weather monitoring station and it is a frequent stop for cruisers that are passing by. Whole area has very vibrant maritime life, with some of the most popular diving spots in the world. Island is also a well-known bird sanctuary and therefore it is unique in the area of Great Barrier Reef.

Most Australian cities and ports presented in this article can serve as both starting and ending point of the cruise. Although Australia is far from just about any place on the planet, its natural beauties and simple living attract tourists from all around the world.