Explore the most beautiful places on Earth


Earth is the most beautiful planet not only because it has life but also because of the beautiful sceneries and landscapes it has. Around the world there are hundreds of places which are considered as the paradise on the Earth. You can check out the most beautiful creations on the Earth by visiting the website www.ourbeautifulcreation.com.  This website will help you to know about the exotic places to visit in the world and to see how beautiful the world is.

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Unbelievable places which exist on the Earth

Everyone wants to travel around the world to see the most beautiful sites. Visiting such sites is the most common way to cherish the beautiful gift of nature. Here are some beautiful creations of the nature which must be visited atleast once before your die.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Earth. It is known for the white sand. The stretch of this beach is about 7 kilometers along the Whitsunday Island which is accessible by the sea route only. Unlike the common sand, the white sand does not retain heat in the sun, thus making it comfortable for the tourists to relax and enjoy in the summers and in winters.

The Lau Archipelago, Fiji

It is a group of islands which are located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is the place which is known for the beautiful scenes during the sunrise and sunset. Although, this place witnesses few tourists but those who arrive here have a mind blowing experience and they do not want to go back into the rush of the city life.

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Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China

You must have seen the brown mountains and sometimes green due to the vegetation on the mountain. But have you ever seen the colorful mountains? If no, then you should visit this place to check out how the Colorful Mountain will look like. It is the only place in the world which is famous for the rainbow colored mountains. The dramatic colors of the mountains are the result of erosion and weathering on the mountain.