Destination Wedding Travel Tips


Destination weddings get more popular each and every year, and that means there’s plenty of great places to do it. Whether you want to go somewhere tropical to get married on a beach or to a romantic vineyard for a low-key ceremony, a destination wedding can make your fantasies come true. However, there is more to traveling for a destination wedding than when you’re travelling to be with family or enjoy a regular vacation, so you need to take the necessary steps to prepare ahead of time. Here are some destination wedding travel tips so you can enjoy your experience without any added stress.

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What to Bring

When you’re packing for your destination wedding, you are going to need to bring along more than just your regular bag of clothes and toiletries. You don’t need to bring along everything for your wedding, but there are certain things that you’ll want to shop for ahead of time and bring along when you travel. First and foremost is your wedding dress which can be placed in the garment closet of the airplane if you call ahead. Also, you’ll want to bring along your wedding rings because shopping for them at your destination can be both expensive and inconvenient since you’ll probably need to get the rings resized before the ceremony. And lastly, you’ll want to bring anything that is special or personal that will be part of your celebration. This can be hand written vows, a special broach from your aunt, or anything else that you simply can’t buy locally.

What to Buy Locally

For the sake of saving yourself space in your luggage, most of the things you need for your destination wedding should be obtained locally. Obviously, you should be able to rent a tuxedo without any issues, but you’ll want to setup things like your wedding decorations ahead of time so you’re not driving around frantically looking for supplies when you should be relaxing and enjoying your wedding experience. Also, there are certain things that you are required to buy locally because of airplane restrictions. These items include things like the sparklers for your wedding reception because they are flammable, the champagne for toast because it is a large quantity of liquid, and even certain citrus fruits which can’t be brought to other countries due to customs regulations.

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Give Yourself Time

One of the worst mistakes you can make is giving yourself too little time between arrival and your wedding ceremony. Many couples arrive the day before, but I find that two days before is much better. Not only will it give you more time to prepare your wedding, but it will also let you acclimate to the new location so you feel more comfortable. Also, make sure to give yourself a good stretch of days after your wedding is over. You’ll want a day or two to mingle with friends and family, plus a couple of days to enjoy your new spouse’s company. Some couples even role their destination wedding right into their honeymoon, but that is something that is up to you.