Car Rentals for College Students


With tuition expenses rising, available cash slumping and parental assistance minimal, many college students find vacationing and daily commuting can be challenging, especially when bus transportation and Uber rides are growing threats. Of course, car rentals for college students like you is always an option worth exploring – provided you’re of age and have the cash to flash.

Renting a car, however, can also prove to be one of life’s paradoxical moments.  So, thought it would be help break it down…


Risks to reap rewards

Younger adults – for the sake of argument, we’ll call them under 25 – are seen as an inexperienced risk factor many car rental companies aren’t comfortable dealing with, which could be one reason college freshman wanting to head to Myrtle Beach via rented car may find themselves paying a higher premium. In fact, most household names in the car rental industry – namely Hertz and Avis – will rent to 18 year olds, but with insurance waivers and extra costs attached.

When you have no wheels for road trips, car rentals can be an expensive option. Not all young drivers will crash their rental, yet the lack of extensive experience behind the wheel makes car renting a risk – unfortunately for some, it’s a risk that reaps the rewards of seeing America while still in college.

What student renters can expect

Surcharges, hidden agendas and plenty of cash become mitigating factors when choosing where to rent cars. The first place to start is the internet, where loads of comparison sites and publicly available information regarding rates, ratings and expectations exist. Read through a dozen articles, get prices, and more importantly, don’t hastily decide.

All Star Travel is an excellent resource where one can actually compare car rentals alongside other travel deals, offers no-pressure comparisons of many different known and not-so-known companies.

Second, don’t be some car rental company’s next ‘fine print’ victim. Make sure you read everything. If your parents are USAA members, for example, you’ll bypass the age premium – car rental companies may not disclose this (but we just did).

Keep your options open, plan ahead

Also, keep your options open. Don’t feel confined to the nationally known car rental companies. Some smaller outfit may offer a better daily or weekly rate, give you a discount for good grades and not penalize you for being under 25. They’re out there – one must really look hard.

Being under 25 definitely hinders what you’re able to affordably rent, but it doesn’t rule out your ability to rent vehicles for whatever reason deemed appropriate at the time. Bargain shop, rent well ahead of your actual usage date (spur of the moment rentals can cost much more), and don’t let someone take advantage of your youth.