Artemis Temple of Ephesus


Ephesus is famous due to its long history and mix of civilizations. It was once an ancient Greek city, later Roman city and now a day part of Turkey. Ephesus is considered one of the top tourist points in the world. It is famed due to temple of Artemis. Temple of Artemis in included among the Seven Wonders of the World due to its unique structure.

Artemis temple of Ephesus is located in Ephesus near the modern town of Turkey selcuk. It is also known as temple of Diana, temple D or Great Marble Temple. Due to earthquakes, floods and other timely effects, only sculptural fragments and foundations of latest temple of Artemis are in its original form.


There is no exact knowledge or information regarding the foundation of temple. Some historians said that Amazons are the founder of this ancient temple. Due to Ephesus location, It is believed that temple of Artemis was founded by the Lydia king Croesus and it was designed by Chersiphron, famous Greek architect. Its design was excellent and revolutionary. After few years of its constructions it became an excellent example of Greek architect in these areas.

Artemis temple of Ephesus was made from rare and expensive materials. The roof of the temple of Artemis was constructed of planks of cedar. Expensive and excellent quality marble was used in its construction. Outside and inside of the temple was ornamented with gold.

Temple of Artemis was mainly destroyed by the people three times beside timely effects such as earthquakes and floods. Temple of Artemis was first time destroyed by a madman named Herostratus. He destroyed the temple on same night when Alexander the great was born. It is believed that he done that in order to immortalized his name in the history. After its destruction it became totally unusable. After its destruction, temple of Artemis was rebuilt with the financial assistance of Great Alexander.


Temple of Artemis was destroyed second time by the Goths in 262 BC. 3rd time it was destroyed in 4th century. It was the time when Saint Paul arrives in Ephesus. He starts spreading the teachings of Christianity in these areas. Elderly the Ephesians totally refused to accept Christianity as new religion. After long and tiring struggle Saint Paul and its followers, majority of Ephesians accepted Christianity as their new religion. Due to great conversion of people towards Christianity, temple of Artemis loses its value.

After the death of Saint Paul, Saint John took the leadership of Christianity in Ephesus. In 401 BC Saint John ordered to destroy the temple of Artemis. Artemis temple of Ephesus is now part of modern town of Turkey named Selcuk. It is one of the most favorite historical structures in this city.

Temple of Artemis not only serves as religious place or historic tourist point but it also act as great market place. Most of people came to sell their products while most came to buy them. A great ratio of people including the merchants, kings, artist, tourists and other visit this historic place.