A Child-Friendly Trip to Greek Islands


Summer is a great time to plan a trip. Summer brings vacations for kids from schools and this way the whole family can enjoy some great bonding time. We live such busy lives nowadays that family often gets ignored so such an amazing opportunity should not be missed. However, families are always protective of kids and a common question asked to a travel agent is if a certain place is kid-friendly or not?

One of the most visited destinations in the world is Greece; popular for Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, the history and the beauty of the place. Greek can be visited as a family vacation and there is no need to worry about the safety of the kids.

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The Weather

Greek islands can become really hot in the summers. Temperatures rise particularly in August and there is next to no chance of rain. If your children can cope with hot temperatures then there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, you might plan your trip in May, June or September which are cooler in comparison to other summer months.


Greek islands attract a lot of tourists so they are managed well and facilities are good. The islands don’t portray any outright threat to the kids. The islands are quite suitable for children and they can enjoy swimming, wading and snorkeling without any immediate danger. You can rent lounges and facilities like clean toilets and fresh water showers are available.

People in Greece

Greek people are quite accommodating and friendly. They are much family-oriented and love children dearly. People are quite frank in Greece and there is little caution practiced when it comes to adults touching the kids. Hugging and ruffling of hair is considered normal behaviour in this region so you might feel a bit uncomfortable if you are from a different region where these situations are not taken as comfortable. You can politely ask someone to stop if they break the limits of your comfort level but keep in mind that most of such behaviour is innocent.

Where to Take Your Kids

Greece is full of places that your kids will enjoy. Corfu and Zante islands are most frequented by families and the Aqualand Waterpark in Corfu is an adventurous experience for the kids. You will find Naxos in the Cyclades where families often visit due to kid-friendly beaches.

Aegean Islands

You will find five big islands along the Aegean Sea. These islands are popular for their hot springs and rich history and a visit to Greece without experiencing them will remain incomplete. Rhodes is one of the islands along Aegean Sea where you find a fair number of family-oriented resorts. You can enjoy sandy beaches and learn a lot about the history.

Greece is a sight for sore eyes and a great chance to meet people who love kids and welcoming. You will not only enjoy your time at the islands but also fall in love with the people who are amazingly friendly and accommodating.