A Change of Scenery and a Change of Career in New Zealand


There are many excellent reasons for deciding to start a brand new life in scenic New Zealand.

Among these, there is no doubt that getting a change of scenery and a bright new career should be high at the top of your thinking.

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The Charms of Auckland

It is easy to think that New Zealand is all about rural living in remote towns. While this is definitely a big appeal of the country, there is a lot more to it than that.

For a start, Auckland is a marvellous city where you will find it easy to imagine yourself starting an exciting new life. This is the country’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city, containing about a third of the entire population of New Zealand.

There is a good chance that your New Zealand adventure starts off here, when you first fly in to your new country. It is a very exciting place to live, with some highly interesting features and facts that make it unique.

Among the fascinating facts about Auckland we can see that it has the world’s biggest Polynesian population, it has harbours on each coast and it has the southern hemisphere’s highest man-made structure in the shape of the Sky Tower.

Most importantly of all for anyone looking to start a new life here with the help of immigration experts such as The Emigration Group, Auckland has a famously high quality of life and is a quite wonderful place to put down roots.

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Other Great Cities

If you like the idea of city living then Auckland isn’t your only choice in New Zealand. Having said that, the other cities are all quite a bit behind Auckland in terms of population.

For example, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand but its population is less than a third of Auckland’s. This is the most southerly capital city on the planet and a fantastic place with a high quality of living too.

The other big city in New Zealand that you have probably heard of is Christchurch. In this case, it is the South Island’s biggest city and just a little bit smaller than Wellington.

The giant Hagley Park is described as one of the world’s biggest urban parks. This city has long been a departure point for trips to the Antarctic and is also home to the fantastic International Antarctic Centre.

The 4th biggest city in the country is Hamilton, which is perhaps most well-known for its booming research and development industry. It is also surrounded by plenty of rich agricultural land.

In terms of living here, new arrivals will be delighted to find a lot of festivals and cultural events, as well as a strong sporting tradition. Once you get hold of your New Zealand skilled visa you might consider this as the perfect place to work and live.

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Small Cities and Towns for Big Dreams

Many of the smaller places in New Zealand are technically classed as cities despite have population numbers of under 100,000. These include the likes of Gisborne, New Plymouth, Nelson and Rotorua.

Each of these cities has something unique to offer a newcomer looking for a rewarding new life in the country. In many cases these places offer the chance to get out to the countryside easily and to enjoy some of the country’s most amazing scenery.

Some of the smaller places to live in New Zealand are largely built around agriculture, while in other cases tourism plays a big part in the local economy. It is worth taking some time to look at what each of these cities and towns offer before deciding which one looks like it could be best for you.

A New Career for a New Life

Will you combine a move to a new country with a new career as well? This is one of the big issues that you need to consider in the run up to your move to New Zealand.

Perhaps you are feeling a bit jaded about your work and lifestyle. If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to try out something completely different.

The New Zealand economy is strong right now and you might be surprised to find such a big variety of different jobs in various industries. For example, manufacturing and international trade is big here.

Among the big benefits to working here is the fact that it traditionally scores very well on the Social Progress Index, which shows how much importance is placed on important factors such as wellbeing and basic human rights.

A move to New Zealand could be exactly what you need to put the fun back into your life and a spring in your step.