6 Sandy Beaches in Croatia You Will Never Forget


Does your dream of paradise not look like a dazzling white glow of pebble stones on the beaches? Do you prefer grains of sand in your bathing suit than stone marks on your back? You can still find Croatia ideal, you just have to plan ahead a little more.

So where do you find those shores? A landscape smooth and the stretch of white sand long enough to accommodate you with your towel for the day? We selected some of the nicest beaches: see which one are closest to and dare to take care of your relaxation.

Queen’s Beach, Nin

This long and shallow beach, close to Zadar, is not just your usual holiday brochures’ dream destination. While it does look gorgeous and is not crowded, it also has some special features that make you want to pay a visit.

The mud of its shores is used successfully for medical purposes. So if you happen to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, skin disease or infertility, sign in for a 20-day cure. You might go home with more than just a nice tan: your regained health!

Nin is also great for sailing, or any kind of sport that involves water and wind. The winds around this beach are best for sailing in early summer.

Sunj, Lopud

Chilling in Sunj can be great after having discovered Dubrovnik. Situated on Lopud island, a little up north from the Pearl of the Adricatic, Sunj allows guests to enjoy your time free of stress, whether you prefer bathing suits or not.

It is a favourite for families and kids, because of the knee-high water and the fresh air – the whole island is car-free. Don’t forget to try picigin, the most popular local watersport, originated from Dubrovnik.

Paradise Beach, Lopar

This beach got its name for a reason: the azure sea, the white sand, and the green canvas that is the woods behind the strand can be nothing else but paradise. Extras in the form of aquaparks and beach parties entertain the most diverse crowds.

Even dog owners can have a bath together with their pets at the southern end of the beach. The high-level bathing and safety is guaranteed by a Blue Flag, an international symbol of water and environmental quality.

Spiaza, Susak

The island of Susak is located west of Losinj, but not too close, and also otherwise far away from everything. It is a destination that you can only visit by boat, so it’s rarely too crowded.

The Spiaza beach can be found on the northwestern coast and it’s hard to miss: look for sand like powdered sugar and a long stretch of shallow water in the colour of the clear sky. Not a place to swim, but definitely a place to perfectly relax your body, mind, and soul.

Saplunara Beach, Mljet

Still looking for an undiscovered cove or a rare beauty? The island of Mljet has you covered. On the southeast end of Mljet island, you will find Saplunara beach that welcomes the sailors, especially of the environmentally conscious type. Because the area is protected, sea-travellers are expected to pick up their garbage and, in general, respect the nature.

Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok

Arguably, the most alluring beach near Zadar is Saharun Beach on Dugi island. Turquoise waters surround the sandy bay that looks out to the open sea – you don’t even have to take your eyes off your boat. It is smart to arrive early in the morning to get ahead of the crowds, and find a quiet corner on the beach: look for a healthy distance of bars and restaurants that will play their music all day long.

Anchoring is possible in the bay, but please respect other visitors and don’t go too close! Activities are not numerous, but who needs a rollercoaster when you can rock on the mild waves of the clear blue splash?