5 secrets and techniques to making Your Seminar total interactive


Audience participation is usually the most important aspect when organizing a seminar. With an viewers who takes part to your ice breakers, solutions your questions, and throwing again inquiries after your lectures, it simplest goes to exhibit that they are taking note of your software very closely, and that they’re enticed to be trained from you.

But not all seminars can acquire such feats; correctly, even seasoned seminar organizers nonetheless find it rough to make their viewers become more alive, conscious, and enthusiastic of their hobbies, they usually maintain on watching for ways to achieve high phases of participation among their goal audiences.

There are, nonetheless, easy methods that can be used to develop audience participation and interaction for the duration of seminars, workshops, and conferences. In case you are planning to host such pursuits every time soon, then the following tips could just be competent to help you out:

  1. Preserve the event at the right venue.

When conserving pursuits akin to seminars and workshops, it’s downright predominant that you just do them at a venue that presents the ample finding out atmosphere. This offers the contributors the distance to breathe and set themselves within the mood to listen and focus on the teachings you’re going to share.


There are event venues in Singapore which can be exceptionally designed for seminars and workshops. You can also want to inquire about these types of rooms if you’re brewing a finding out undertaking someday one day.

  1. Hire speakers that are known for their craft.

An extra tip that makes audiences participative for the duration of seminars is when you showcase resource speakers that are recognized for their abilities. These resource folks come with the correct reputation, similar to celebrities whom you want to serve as your manufacturer’s endorsers.

If you’re retaining a one-day seminar, you will have to hire at the least two speakers to facilitate the lectures, in order that the audience will not become bored looking at just one person for the period of the day. Alternatively, if you happen to’re doing a workshop, you may also wish to get a coach who already has a powerful following on social media to entice extra participants to attend.


  1. Make good use of audio-visuals.

Since seminars and workshops offer only a restrained time for the audience to digest the entire know-how that you are going to share, you may need to use interactive types of communication in order that they may be able to with no trouble opt for up your key messages. You can make use of video and slideshow presentations to accumulate their attention to 1 location, and afterwards you may supplement these with spoken phrase explanations and other insights.

On this regard, it is principal that you just assess the audio and video methods of the venue prior to the event. Event venues in Singapore almost always have sound methods incorporated of their condominium packages, but now not projectors (you can also ought to bring your possess or appoint from them separately).

  1. Think of material giveaways.

Let’s face it: folks by nature love freebies and giveaways, and commonly you must supply them that. In seminars, conferences and workshops, your members grow to be more active during video games and ice breakers, and if once they comprehend they have got the hazard to take dwelling anything detailed, comparable to a reward or prize.

That you can then do some video games during breaks, or have a chance promo based on their ticket or seat numbers; the winners will receive small but meaningful prizes, starting from event tokens to even money cheques.