3 ways to upgrade to a VIP holiday



Think of a list of things you would rather be doing at this very moment and the chances are the word holiday will be somewhere near the top. The daily routine has a canny way of making us believe we deserve a break away from it all, inspired by the luxury break TV ads and hashtags that pop up in our lives. What if you could experience a next level trip on the budget you would normally reserve for a standard holiday? So to swap your hotel for a villa, turn left instead of right when boarding your flight, and try high class cuisine from those who know best, here are three shortcuts to follow.

Upgrade your holiday accommodation

Ministry of Villas Stay one night in a villa and you’ll never book a hotel ever again, or so they say. A bold statement from the team at MoV who it seems are taking on Airb&B by providing holidaymakers the chance to search for villa accommodation within popular tourist hotspots, such as Thailand and Bali. MoV is even said to be expanding to Japan and as far as India with over 100 new villa sign-ups planned for 2016. The premise is simple: book through the online platform to discover a five-star lodging that will equate to the same price or less than your hotel. Extras such as airport pick-up, private chef service and champagne on arrival are available on request.

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Upgrade to business class

Alpha Flight Guru

For those take to take to the skies more often than they care to remember, it’s the litle things like extra leg room and a quieter personal space that make a long haul flight more bearable. Often such onboard priveledges are restricted to only those passengers who book a buisness class ticket, until now… Alpha Flight Guru is a website created to help everyday holidaymakers find a good deal for flying business class for destinations across the entire globe. They utlilise a combination ofadvanced database flight search, exclusive insider knowledge about the entire airline industry, and detailed route and layover information, and ideal times to fly. Sign up and grab a quote for your next flight.

Upgrade your dining experience


LivingSocial is the world’s local marketplace for ordering and sharing the most exciting and memorableactivities to do in the city in which you are travelling to. The platform offers a diverse mix of offers on a daily basis to inspire holidaymakers to dive into local culture and come after the better for it. The predominant deals revolve around menu upgrades at restaurants and other well catered eating establishments. So when searching for a suitable place to try out a new meal you will be presented with a better deal allround.

The information in this article was provided by South East Asia villa accommodation expert Ministry of Villas, who can be reached online or by phone.